Is Google Cloud Still Safe?

Google Cloud Security

Cloud computing has completely transformed the way every company does business. From early-stage startups to enterprise organizations, there are cloud-based tools available for any budget. Consequently, cybersecurity is a critical concern for cloud service providers like Google and their enormous user base. Billions of users around the world depend on Google Cloud applications every single […]

Hosting Your Firm’s Cloud Applications In-house: Is It a Sensible Approach?

IaaS for Your Business

With 60% percent of corporate data being stored in the cloud1 as of 2022, there is no doubt the cloud has reached full maturity. Companies are now exploring a wide array of cloud opportunities, from major cloud services such as Dropbox (storage) and Microsoft 365 (productivity applications) to more targeted offerings such as Salesforce (customer […]

Microsoft Bookings in Outlook — A Useful Scheduling Tool Is Now Even More Valuable

Microsoft Bookings vs. Calendly

Microsoft Bookings is a helpful scheduling platform designed to make it easier for members of a company team to establish their schedules and enable others to see them. With the latest Microsoft 365 update, the company has deployed “Bookings with Me,” a new feature that is integrated with Microsoft Outlook.  Think of it as Microsoft’s […]

Could Your Legacy Antivirus Software Be Exposing Your Systems?

Legacy Antivirus

Antivirus Software Blocks Viruses, but Could It Also Be Exposing Your Systems to Intrusion?   Antivirus software has become such a necessity in the modern era of cyber threats that more than 89%1 of desktop users rely upon it and 80%2 of laptop users have it installed, as well. This comes as no surprise, given […]

The ABCs of Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

The ABCs of Mobile Device Management – Always Be Cautious Given the importance of cellphones — and in particular, smartphones — in both our work and personal lives, these devices can formally be considered ubiquitous. (In the U.S., 82.21 percent of the population was using a smartphone as of 2021.) Unfortunately, their popularity makes them […]

Mid-Year Email Security Report: It’s Still a Major Threat

Advanced Email Security to Prevent Phishing

Mid-Year Email Security Report: It’s Still a Huge Problem and a Major Threat Despite the vast amount of publicity that dangers such as phishing, spam and business email compromise have received, the hard truth is that business workers (and everyone else) are still falling for these tricks. Most people know that many cyberattacks are transmitted […]

The Future of Backup and Disaster Recovery: What You Need to Know

Incremental Backup

If current trends continue, global disasters will rise from 389 in 2020 to an estimated 560 yearly by 2030. That’s without considering business-specific disasters, such as Internet attacks (35.2 million in 2021), data loss and other common problems. As company leaders face these events with no end in sight, it’s clear they must have a failproof backup […]

An Old Friend Is Leaving Us On June 15, 2022

IE 11 End of Life

The word friend might be a bit strong, but… Over the past year, you may have noticed that Microsoft has been making Internet Explorer (IE) “end of support” announcements. This is all part of its plan to sunset that product and transition its customers to Microsoft Edge. At Carmichael Consulting Solutions, we have been following […]

Dealing with Risk: Does Your Firm’s Strategy Align with Your Business Realities?

Risk Management Strategy

All business decision makers must deal with risk at some level, whether it’s market risk, cybersecurity risk or financial risk. For all of these (and other) risks, proactively making a choice is far better — and safer — than leaving things to chance. In the technology arena, this is especially true. Two decades ago, most […]

The State of Managed IT in 2022: Strategy and Vision Lead the Way

Expert Managed Services Provider

For the past 24 months, Managed IT Services has been one of the fastest growing revenue engines of the technology industry, as organization leaders recognized the value of outsourcing their IT services to seasoned experts. Per a survey by the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA), Managed Services in 2021 grew at 20%, year over […]