The Future of Backup and Disaster Recovery: What You Need to Know

Incremental Backup

If current trends continue, global disasters will rise from 389 in 2020 to an estimated 560 yearly by 2030. That’s without considering business-specific disasters, such as Internet attacks (35.2 million in 2021), data loss and other common problems. As company leaders face these events with no end in sight, it’s clear they must have a failproof backup […]

An Old Friend Is Leaving Us On June 15, 2022

IE 11 End of Life

The word friend might be a bit strong, but… Over the past year, you may have noticed that Microsoft has been making Internet Explorer (IE) “end of support” announcements. This is all part of its plan to sunset that product and transition its customers to Microsoft Edge. At Carmichael Consulting Solutions, we have been following […]

Dealing with Risk: Does Your Firm’s Strategy Align with Your Business Realities?

Risk Management Strategy

All business decision makers must deal with risk at some level, whether it’s market risk, cybersecurity risk or financial risk. For all of these (and other) risks, proactively making a choice is far better — and safer — than leaving things to chance. In the technology arena, this is especially true. Two decades ago, most […]

The State of Managed IT in 2022: Strategy and Vision Lead the Way

Expert Managed Services Provider

For the past 24 months, Managed IT Services has been one of the fastest growing revenue engines of the technology industry, as organization leaders recognized the value of outsourcing their IT services to seasoned experts. Per a survey by the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA), Managed Services in 2021 grew at 20%, year over […]

If a Disaster Disrupted Your Business Tomorrow, Would You Be Prepared?

Business Continuity Metro Atlanta

Achieving Business Continuity In the past few decades, the definition of “business disaster” has changed substantially. Now, the greatest threat most companies face isn’t a tornado or other natural disaster but rather a technology-based threat such as a cyberattack. However, recent weather has proven that natural disasters are still present and must be considered in […]

Email Is Global — and Globally Dangerous. Simulation Exercises Help Keep Your Firm Safe.

Email Phishing Simulations

With an estimated 319 billion emails sent around the world in 20211, email continues to be a predominant means of both casual and professional communications. This is no surprise, because email is inexpensive and transmission is fast. Messages, travelling on global Internet connections, can take seconds to arrive at their destinations. Unfortunately, this convenience comes […]

Phishing – Don’t Be Caught in Criminals’ Nets

Phishing — Don’t Be Caught in Criminals’ Nets! Phishing, a cybercrime that combines social engineering (tricking unwitting computer or mobile users into exposing themselves to an attack) with technology-based deception to steal sensitive personal and financial information, is on a meteoric rise. Email has always been a primary attack vector, and the situation is getting worse. […]

Is Cutting the Cord Right for Your Small Business?

Streaming Providers for Small Business

I’ve found that small businesses (generally speaking) are more efficient by nature than Global 2000 companies. When you run a small business, profit is a primary concern. You watch every penny, measure every expenditure against the potential for profit. Every service you use is carefully considered before you decide to invest. Television services are no different. […]

6 Essential IT Security Improvement Themes

Cybersecurity threats atlanta

6 Essential IT Security Improvement Themes Even before the pandemic, a significant portion of the workforce transitioned to working remotely from home. Obviously, there’s been a massive increase in that trend.. Once the 18th wave of the pandemic finally fades and restrictions end, remote work will continue in most of verticals, now that employees have […]

Why Outsource IT if You’re an SMB?

Benefits of Managed IT Services Roswell Ga

Are Managed IT Services Right For Me? When you run a business, it’s a great idea and quite natural to focus all of your energy on increasing revenue, building the team, and creating customer loyalty (gotta get those Google Reviews up!). Naturally, the operational aspects of your business are kinda boring. And many times… forgotten or […]