Build a Stronger, More Secure Law Practice with Clio

Recognized by more than 50 bar associations in the U.S. and worldwide, Clio’s legal practice software streamlines case management, simplifies daily workflow and billing, and supports the secure collaboration that is vital in a digitally-centered world.

Clio is the most valuable legal partner you will ever work with.

The legal services market is going through an unprecedented period of change and uncertainty driven largely by exterior forces, from the dominance of mobile platforms to ever-expanding regulatory scrutiny. Concurrent with these challenges, cyber criminals are targeting law firms for their valuable personal information like never before.

To thrive in this demanding environment, law firms must be able to reassure clients of their technological superiority while extracting every billable dollar from case work. The foremost solution to help lawyers surmount all these obstacles is Clio. More than a digital case management tool, Clio is a powerful practice management platform that helps lawyers run their practices from intake to invoice.

Clio’s Top Features

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