Many articles have been written about various cybersecurity defenses, but we often see vulnerability assessments getting more attention than penetration testing. This is unfortunate, because both are important, and they complement each other perfectly. Think of it this way:

  • Vulnerability scanning looks for “holes” in your security defenses so they can be closed before hackers find them. It takes a very broad-scoped approach.
  • Penetration testing (penetration testing) is a targeted exercise to attempt invasion of your security defenses and identify how much damage an attacker could do. It is narrow in scope, but its reach is deep.

Our clients can request penetration testing alone or in tandem with any or all of our security offerings.

A Penetration Testing Primer

As mentioned above, a penetration test simulates an attack on systems within your IT environment to identify security holes that could put your organization at risk. Its focus is to gain unauthorized access to the system and its resources by simulating an actual attack on the network and/or its devices.

  • Although penetration testing can reveal vulnerabilities, its goal is to determine what an attacker could do once he or she discovered your system’s flaws.
  • Penetration testing is also valuable to determine whether security improvements are working, or exploitable holes still exist.
  • Penetration tests can be customized to address particular concerns, applications, infrastructure or other technology components that might be at risk.


Carmichael Consulting Solutions’ Penetration Testing Service

Penetration testing is more complex than many business leaders realize, which is why they often rely upon our highly trained and certified security professionals to perform this important activity. The effort is thorough and comprehensive.

  • Our service replicates the activities of a hacker on your company’s network without doing any damage.
  • It looks for sensitive data, performs exploits, conducts man-in-the-middle attacks, escalates privileges on the network, and even impersonates users to find sensitive data.
  • It goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities by actually exploiting them to demonstrate what happens if an attacker got access to the network.


After the exercise is complete, our security team provides an in-depth analysis of your network and system weaknesses/deficiencies accompanied by recommendations to address them. The outcome is a realistic assessment of your security posture based upon the vulnerabilities and exploits that exist within your computer network infrastructure.

We want you to focus on your company, not your losses due to a cyberattack. With the cost of cybercrime forecasted to exceed $6 trillion by the end of this year, we urge you to take action, soon. Time really is of the essence.

For a no-obligation consultation regarding your level of exposure and how penetration testing could significantly reduce it, call us now at 678-719-9671.