IT Solutions That Fit Your Business, from Small Office/Home Office to the Enterprise

Thanks to our broad network of employees and contractors Carmichael Consulting Solutions, LLC can provide a wide range of services and can handle any size need from home and small business users to large enterprise class efforts. We can provide:

Mobile Management

Mobile devices are everywhere these days. Whether you are issuing your employees smartphones and tablets or they are using their own, if they are connecting to your important systems such as email, file sharing, and sales management apps, you need to protect these devices and guard against data loss. Our tailor-made Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is available with month-to-month subscriptions and no infrastructure to buy or maintain.

Desktop/Laptop Support

Laptops or desktops? Windows or Mac? Carmichael is unique in Georgia as the only consultants who have the depth of expertise in all major platforms and operating systems. No one solution fits every need, and we can help you find the perfect answer to your computing needs. As members of the Microsoft Partners Network, Dell Consultants Network, and Apple Consultants Network we can make sure that you have exactly the right technology for your business.

Server Support

Whether you use on premise server technology or are using the cloud, managing that environment is critical to your business. Carmichael has expertise with all modern Windows and Mac server operating systems, and can help you ensure the highest possible availability and access while ensuring security and management practices are always in place.


The core of any business technology is the network. How systems talk to each other is at the heart of its effectiveness. From internet connectivity and wired networking, to wireless and remote connectivity, Carmichael can help you ensure your systems are always connected and allowing you to run your business.

Disaster Recovery

It doesn’t matter how much you have paid for business technology, the information you and your staff have collected or created is always the most valuable component. The impact from fire, flood, or theft can be huge, as can the impact of viruses, hackers, or malicious acts of a disgruntled employee. Carmichael can help you ensure that data is protected, backed up, and available to you and your team no matter what happens.


How safe is your data? Confidential information is open to constant attack from internal and external threats. Even with anti-virus software you may still be vulnerable. Carmichael can give you peace of mind with advanced system monitoring, administration, and security consulting. For an affordable monthly fee, keep your data from getting into the wrong hands.

Email Management

Email is at the heart of most business interactions today. Carmichael can help make sure that you have the right email solution for your business. Whether you want to keep your current solution or migrate to a more robust offering Carmichael has the tools and skills to keep you connected to your customers. Carmichael can help to maintain your email system, ensure global and secured access to all of your e-mail data, and help you be prepared for tomorrow’s needs today.

Managed Services

Carmichael strives to make IT work for you, not the other way around. With advanced monitoring systems and cloud-based security we provide a proactive approach to IT, so that a problem does not stop your business from running. And we can offer all of this at low monthly fees with no expensive hardware to purchase or maintain at your facility.


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