How long could your business survive without its data? If you are like more businesses, the answer would be “Not very long.” In fact, 43% that suffered a major loss of data ceased operation immediately and another 51% closed within two years.

Would your business continuity service help you be one of the 6% that survived?

The best way to safeguard critical business data is to be prepared – with a regular, automatic and complete approach to business continuity. Carmichael Consulting Solutions, LLC can provide you with continuous data protection across disparate hardware – from workstations to virtual and physical servers. You’ll rest easy knowing that your data is protected and encrypted, and that you’re using the most advanced business continuity service available today.

Our business continuity service preserves snapshots of your files on at least a twice-a-day basis without disrupting user productivity. You tell us what you want to recover – a single file or a full restore – and we handle the rest. Or, you can choose to enable your users to perform their own recoveries.

Our business continuity service includes:

  • Data: is Your Digital Gold Safe?Snapshot technology to easily roll back files and systems to specific points in time
  • Two-tiered data recovery (on-premise and cloud)
  • Full encryption of all your company’s data both in transit and at rest
  • Daily monitoring by certified technicians
  • Fast and effective data restoration to and from disparate platforms
  • Compatibility with Mac and Windows platforms
  • Configurable retention to meet a variety of regulatory requirements
  • Low monthly fixed cost

Call us now at 678-719-9671 to arrange a free trial. Be prepared – protect your valuable data with our proven business continuity service.