Cyberattacks cost small- to medium-sized businesses up to $74,000 per hour every time their systems go down. Ransomware leverages an even larger penalty. In 2015 alone, businesses paid more than $24,000,000 to regain access to data “held hostage” by cybercriminals. Be aware: ransomware attacks are up 300% since 2015.

Consider that, on average, each business professional sends and receives 120 emails – every day. Spam, email-borne viruses, phishing emails, ransomware and even denial-of-service threats can enter the enterprise right along with these business-critical communiques.

The most efficient way to prevent these damaging threats is to stop them “at the door” with an aggressive, real-time quarantine protocol. That’s exactly what Barracuda Email Security and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) does, and it works with email coming from any software application, hosted exchange service or device. ATP continuously monitors all email traffic, releasing only those files determined to be safe. Flagged files that carry potential threats are blocked, isolated and detonated in a “safe sandbox” environment before the network can be affected.

Barracuda Email Security and Advanced Threat Protection

Download our Barracuda Brochure, here.

This block-isolate-detonate approach:

  • Utilizes three layers of polymorphous scanning technologies to protect the enterprise 24/7/365.
  • Captures and retains suspicious email to aid in compliance and investigation.
  • Integrates sophisticated outbound filtering to prevent botnet spam and attacks originating inside the network from being forwarded.

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