Seventy-five percent of work is dependent on reliable technology. Without a maintenance plan in place, how reliable is your technology. Rather than engage in a break/fix agreement, shouldn’t your most valuable assets be covered by a managed service provider (MSP)? Carmichael Managed Services clients get:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring & management
  • Mail protection
  • Managed anti-virus
  • Mobile device management
  • Managed off-site backup
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Asset tracking and management

Now, you can get those failing systems back into service faster—and spend less money to do so. Become a customer of Carmichael Consulting’s Managed Services program, and we will handle the complexities of getting failed systems repaired and restored. In those rare situations when they have been irreparably damaged, our techs will work with you to recover data and replace the equipment.

Most customers report Managed Services costs less per year than on-demand repairs – and that’s before calculating the impact of downtime on user productivity and lost revenue. As the table below illustrates, the cost of even one failure is high, while most businesses experience multiple issues each year. 

Total Cost of One Hard Drive Failure
A La Carte
Monthly Fee $0
Tech Fees to Restore (Hourly) $150 x two hours = $300
Restoration Charge $700
Mileage Fees $50
Lost Billable Hours $100 x eight hours = $800
Customer Confidence Lost
Incident Cost $300 + $700 + $50 + $800 = $1850
Cost of One Incident in One Year $300 + $700 + $50 + $800 = $1850

Since we pride ourselves on working quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, you gain the confidence of maximum uptime and user productivity. Finance is happy that problems are being solved for a predictable monthly fee that essentially caps the financial risk for device repair. It’s probably less than you’ve been paying for on-demand repairs, and, as a bonus, you will never be charged mileage for on-site assistance.

Our new data sheet, 15 Ways We Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack, details the many ways Carmichael can protect your business as part of a Managed Services Plan.

Ready for a fixed-fee, per-user program that reduces the uncertainty of device failure and hourly repair costs? Call 678-719-967 or click here to request a Free Managed Services Support Assessment and lock in our temporarily reduced rate.