As a business owner, you’ve probably heard slow network performance as the excuse for missed deadlines and project delays. How do you figure out what is causing slow network performance, and how do you fix it? Most likely, you’re not an IT professional and you don’t have one on staff. Why waste your valuable time trying to decipher those cumbersome command lines found in typical web usage reports?
cisco Meraki

See Inside Your Network

Network performance tools from Meraki tell you what’s going on with your network – in plain English through an easy-to-understand interface. They can tell you who in your network is using the most data, which applications are slowing the network and how many user devices are connected. Armed with complete visibility into your network’s activity, you’ll be able to determine why the network is slow and what to do about it. Download our Meraki Brochure, here.

Using Meraki’s protection and control software you can minimize non-productive surfing and sluggish network performance by:

  • easily blocking users from spending time on sites not core to your business
  • determining if your employees are spending time on social media sites or streaming movies during lunch
  • resetting network access privileges to refocus attention on the tasks at hand

Monitor Security Performance
Meraki can monitor and report on network security too. You’ll be able to see, in real time, that your firewalls are actively blocking malicious traffic. Plus, Meraki monitoring builds an audit trail to verify PCI compliance, a must for any business accepting credit card payments.

To learn more about how Meraki’s performance tools can keep your network humming and your employees productive, contact Carmichael Consulting Services today. We’ll show you how quickly and easily you can be in control of your network.