With cybersecurity news focusing on major data breaches and hacks, it’s easy for small and midsized business (SMB) owners to underestimate the importance of security in their organizations. That’s where Carmichael Consulting Solutions comes in. We have simplified the process of helping SMB owners achieve conformity with the most appropriate and up-to-date security standards for businesses of that size.

Even with smaller budgets, the unfortunate fact is that SMBs can be even more vulnerable than their bigger brethren—but not if Carmichael Consulting is on the job. Our managed security services surround your company and its network and corporate assets with a blanket of protection, closing security holes and applying solutions designed to thwart malware, hackers, viruses, fraud, data theft and more.

We can also migrate your data to a secure, fully automated backup solution so your priceless corporate data is not only protected but also redundant and easily restorable, should any event—from accidental deletion to theft or damage—compromise the originals.

We’ll even give you a free assessment that will benchmark exactly where you stand, in terms of security, and make recommendations about where you need to be.

Our technicians help your business plan, deploy and manage these solutions, and more:

  • Anti-virus protection
  • Network security firewalls
  • Virus identification and removal
  • Data theft prevention (internal and external)
  • Email protection
  • Automated data backup and recovery
  • Software security updates
  • System scans
  • Security awareness training

Avoid being the victim of an internal or external attack on your confidential data or proprietary systems. For an affordable monthly fee, eliminate the stress and worry of security. Contact us today.


Managed anti-virus
Systems scanning
Early warning signs of threats


Email protection
Malware prevention
Software security updates
Managed data backup/restore


Audits and strategic advice
Guidance and policy
Security improvements