Nefarious actors, drawn to the Dark Web for quick and easy access to valuable information about your company, top executives and employees, could be profiting from your data right now. You can’t use a standard web browser to access the Dark Web, so how would you know?

Small- to medium-sized businesses were once relatively safe from prying criminal eyes but the bad guys have discovered that the security systems of many smaller organizations are vulnerable. Online security is simply moving too fast for most small business IT budgets to keep up. That’s why Carmichael Consulting is taking the lead to keep you and all of America’s smaller businesses safe – with a new managed service called Dark Web Compromise Reporting.

The latest addition to Carmichael’s Managed Services offering, Dark Web Reporting Solution scans this hidden online environment looking for sensitive PII (personally identifiable information) from your company – especially Social Security numbers, Federal ID numbers and credit card account information – and your top executives as well. Dark Web Reporting Solution, an advanced layer of additional protection encircles your company’s PII, delivering to your desktop a rolling 36-month report of any instances of your PII on the Dark Web. This monthly electronic Bill of Health will keep you apprised of what’s been exposed – whether it was three years ago or yesterday.

Dark Web Partners

Dark Web Reporting Solution does much more than report, however. To proactively safeguard data from known and unknown threats, Carmichael clients can add SentinelOne’s static AI and behavioral AI engines to surround their data with real-time protection. If, despite taking these aggressive steps, nefarious actors find a way to penetrate your network, Carmichael can restore your data to its precise pre-attack state.

For an added layer of proactive safety, Carmichael clients can choose SOCSoter to monitor their network traffic 24x7x365 and actively look for active cybercrime. Certified security engineers personally evaluate and respond to every incident of suspicious activity, building an audit trail that helps your business maintain its compliance status.

Identify Weaknesses and Train Personnel

Online Attacks Against Small Business on the RiseYour IT and training staff can use Dark Web Reporting Solution to create and issue internal phishing campaigns directly to your employees. With these campaigns, which are based on real-world phishing scenarios, you’ll quickly know who in Accounts Payable, Payroll and Supply Chain operations can separate scammers’ fraudulent requests for data and money from legitimate demands from your partners and customer – and who can’t. Then, Carmichael Consulting will help you implement remedial training to get everyone up to speed on the latest techniques online scammers use to harvest your sensitive data as well as your hard-earned cash.

If you’ve been wondering how exposed your company’s data is on the Dark Web, you don’t need to guess any longer. Carmichael can give definitive answers now. Call or email today for special pricing that will only be available during this introductory period (678) 203-2145 or desmond@carmichaelconsulting.net.