Will Your Next Office Move Be a Triumph or a Mistake?

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New office space is a three-to-five year commitment and moving is intensely disruptive and costly. Consequently, savvy business owners carefully consider long-term issues such as square footage, location, and parking. These material characteristics are important, but equally critical are the factors that may not be readily evident, from Internet availability to space customization needs—even running and configuring network cabling.

Any of these issues and more can prolong a move, disrupt business, and even diminish the value of the office space and the business that inhabits it. At Carmichael, one of our services is helping companies address the underlying, often overlooked concerns with any office relocation. Those efforts focus largely on three core areas: technology, connectivity, and working environment. Over the next few weeks, we will post advice on each of these topics. Bookmark this page and you return to read them at your leisure—or wait for our friendly reminder, in your inbox.


Is Your New Office Up to
Speed on Technology
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Are Your Connections
Ready for Prime Time?
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Is the Environment User-
Friendly and Productive?
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