An Old Friend Is Leaving Us On June 15, 2022

IE 11 End of Life

The word friend might be a bit strong, but…

Over the past year, you may have noticed that Microsoft has been making Internet Explorer (IE) “end of support” announcements. This is all part of its plan to sunset that product and transition its customers to Microsoft Edge.

At Carmichael Consulting Solutions, we have been following this news closely to ensure our clients can make the transition quickly and painlessly. We have also been tracking the evolution of Microsoft Edge since it launched in April 2015. It has undergone more than seven years of development and fine tuning, and we’re confident it is ready for prime time.


Here’s why:


  • Stronger Browser Security: With hackers launching an average of 50 million password attacks every day — nearly 600 per second, you need a browser that’s up to the challenge. Microsoft Edge is more secure than either IE or Google Chrome on Windows 10.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Microsoft Edge offers many helpful new functions, like “Sleeping tabs” to free up resources. This will be a real workplace benefit for those who keep many browser windows open for reference but don’t use them continuously. It’s even possible to set up separate browser profiles for different uses, such as Work and Personal.
  • Better Compatibility: Edge is the only browser that incorporates built-in compatibility for legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and applications — even functionality for ActiveX controls. This “dual engine” approach equips companies and their workers with a significant workplace advantage.


Microsoft is recommending firms relying upon IE either proactively retire it or enable compatibility mode by June 15, 2022.  Carmichael Consulting Solutions would be happy to assist with technical support to ensure your personnel use this amazing browser at its highest possible level.

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