Business Continuity Planning

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How Carmichael Can Help With Your Planning...

Provide System and Data Access Anytime and Anywhere

Are you longing to enjoy the productivity boost that comes with teleworking but not sure how to achieve it?

Are staff asking for a hybrid workplace model?

If you are using Carmichael Consulting’s cloud-based Business Continuity planning and services, you and your workers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

To help ensure your firm and your staff can always be productive, no matter what life throws your way, Carmichael Consulting developed a user-friendly, automated Business Continuity service.

Moving beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery, it equips you and your team with a cloud-based workforce productivity platform and tools designed to keep you operating at full steam. (With all elements fully secured in the cloud, it also helps you adhere to cybersecurity best practices.)


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Our Solutions

Our planning approach includes three key components:

Business continuity isn’t just for disasters.

Once established, these business technology solutions can equip personnel to work from home — either as part of a hybrid or 100% remote workplace model or because they are temporarily caring for children, elders and others.

To learn more and get started, call 678-719-9671 Ext. 2 or email [email protected].

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