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With 98% of companies experiencing at least one cloud data breach, how can you trust anyone to secure your company in the cloud?

That’s a lofty goal, given how easily unwitting personnel can be duped into exposing company assets.

Despite decades of email assaults, 97% of users still cannot identify a sophisticated phishing email.

Making matters worse, phishing with infected email attachments is still the number one delivery method for malicious software, such as ransomware.

Given that each business professional sends and receives an average of 120 emails per day, the level of exposure is clear.

The most efficient way to prevent these damaging threats is to stop them with an aggressive, real-time quarantine protocol.

That’s why Carmichael Consulting selected Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) as its email security solution of choice.

It works with email coming from any software application, hosted exchange service or device, continuously monitoring all email traffic, releasing only those files determined to be safe.

Flagged files that carry potential threats are blocked, isolated and detonated in a “safe sandbox” environment before the network can be affected.

Additionally, since the Barracuda service intervenes before messages hit company mail servers, it deflects threats on all network assets, including BYOD and other mobile devices.

As a value-add service, our deeply experienced IT specialists have the skill and background to help SMB decision makers determine the precise level of email protection they need — and which approach will work best for their firms.

We train designated team members how to understand reports, and assist business leadership to act on report findings as they are delivered.

We ensure installations stay up to date and that all cybersecurity best practices are followed.

Our Solutions

Barracuda’s Block-Isolate-Detonate Approach Is Simply Effective.

Download Our Barracuda Brochure Here, then Let’s Get Started.

To learn more about how Barracuda will minimize email-borne threats — and explore the quantifiable value in partnering with Carmichael Consulting for your email security and other IT services — call 678-719-9671 Ext. 2 or email [email protected]

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