Expanded Phishing Complicates Security for Smaller Businesses

The Dark WebSecurity – it’s one of the most critical and least well-funded functions in most small businesses. From a financial standpoint, security seems more like a bottomless pit than a line item in the budget. In addition, three out of four business owners say don’t have the skilled staff needed to stay on top of security. Meanwhile, nefarious actors spend all day, every day thinking up new ways to scam smaller businesses out of their hard-earned money.
Data breaches, ransomware demands and hacks of all kinds are on the rise because the online bad guys see smaller businesses as more of an “easy” target than large public and private enterprises. And now, phishing campaigns, which used to be targeted to Accounts Payable staffers, are focusing on the sensitive financial and payment information that fuels Payroll and Supply Chain operations.
As breaches proliferate and ransomware demands escalate, it becomes critical that small business owners know how much of their sensitive corporate data is available on the Dark Web. But, if you can’t access the Dark Web with a standard browser, how will you know what’s out there?
Carmichael Consulting’s newest offering, Dark Web Reporting Solution, gives you answers. Each month, the Dark Web Reporting Solution, automatically generates a Bill of Health which flags the confidential information about your company and its top executives that appears on the Dark Web. Best of all, this report features a full scan of activity over a rolling 36 months. You’ll know what’s out there now and what was out there in the past as well.
Use Dark Web Reporting Solution, which includes detailed on-premise training for your staff, to create, deliver and monitor internal phishing campaigns based on real-world scenarios. These internal campaigns will let you know which of your employees can distinguish scammer-sent financial demands from your partners’ legitimate requests – and which can’t.
Until now, small business owners had to worry and wait for an attack they hoped would never come. Now, thanks to Dark Web Reporting Solution, you can know where you stand – each and every month.

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