Fool-proof Security that Works Every Time

Networks serve as companies’ gateways to the world. It takes 24/7/365 attention to keep all those desktops, laptops, mobile devices and networks secure. Why is securing those devices such a complex and demanding task? Because the only truly secure device is one that has been:

  • Disconnected from any and all networks,
  • Powered down,
  • Unplugged and
  • Locked in a safe.

No doubt about it, that device is secure. I don’t know of any organization, however, that can afford that level of security.
In the real world, companies depend on these devices to keep operations humming and users productive. From the retail organization that depends on tablets to close sales to the HVAC company that uses mobile to communicate with technicians in the field, devices of all types require round-the-clock security.
Every device connected to your network is really a point of vulnerability for your company. A door where an unauthorized “digital person” could walk right in and take what they want. And they just might want your financial data, your customer contact list or your employees’ home addresses. The threats to your network are real, and your security needs to stop these intruders in their tracks – before they make off with any of your valuable data.
Security software closes your “doors” to unwanted intruders and those with nefarious intent. Threats are coming from all sides. To work consistently, security software needs regular updates. While it might seem like a bother to be constantly updating your security, those patches keep your data safe.

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