Is Google Cloud Still Safe?

Google Cloud Security

Cloud computing has completely transformed the way every company does business. From early-stage startups to enterprise organizations, there are cloud-based tools available for any budget. Consequently, cybersecurity is a critical concern for cloud service providers like Google and their enormous user base.

Billions of users around the world depend on Google Cloud applications every single day. At any given moment, a significant number of the total Internet users in the U.S. are passing through Google systems. And with all of this usage, there comes a great deal of responsibility to protect the intricate global network behind the scenes to ensure a safe, secure cloud environment.

In terms of cybersecurity and data protection, tech service providers should consider Google a bellwether. Google must work to safeguard cloud security at scale, and the way Google responds to security breaches offers insight into the best ways to combat the threat of network hacks and security breaches going forward. Google runs an extremely complex security operation to keep Google Cloud safe and everyone benefits from their efforts.


Taking a proactive approach to mitigate cloud security threats


It’s true that in recent years Google has been the target of sophisticated cybersecurity breaches, and their proactive response is worth noting. After a botnet attack infected a massive network of computers in 2021, Google worked with Internet infrastructure companies to take down the servers and disarm the hackers’ ability to communicate with infected devices.

Subsequently, Google filed a lawsuit against the Russia-based perpetrators and exposed details about the Glupteba botnet, a cybercrime nuisance that authorities have been tracking for years.

Historically, government agencies and law enforcement take the lead on investigations and prosecutions of perpetrators of cybercrime. Today, Google is taking proactive measures to disrupt cybercrime as it occurs.


What does this mean for your business?


In light of how Google proactively responds to security threats, it’s safe to say that G Suite or Google Cloud users can trust that their data is extremely secure. Carmichael Consulting takes steps to monitor Google Cloud applications to protect the security of your network data and our team can seamlessly manage your systems as your business grows and scales.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing conversation, and it takes continuous effort to ensure that data remains safe. If you’re interested in learning more about Google Cloud hosting, G Suite, or steps you can take to protect your cloud applications, network, and data, the team at Carmichael Consulting would be happy to discuss options with you.

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