Leading-edge Security with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

In today’s threat-laden environment, security experts point to deep system-wide visibility as critical to maintaining network security in the event of an attack. That’s why companies of all sizes depend on advanced malware solutions to provide the visibility needed to manage network security before, during and after an attack.
Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), the industry’s leading malware protection solution, compares every threat coming into your environment against a massive database of more than 500 million known files and 1.5 million new file samples every day. AMP offers both automatic global threat protection and the sweeping network visibility you need. For example, if a file is discovered to be malicious after entering your network, AMP automatically detects it and alerts you, quickly determining the extent of its footprint – even across multiple sites. AMP will tell you when, how and where a piece of malware entered your network, and even when the file was deemed “malicious.”
In addition, suspicious files can be executed in a “sandbox” environment as AMP compares them to more than 600 variables to determine their threat potential. This Threat Grid functionality enables the dynamic malware analysis security administrators need to isolate suspected threats without potentially compromising network security during threat investigations.
If you’re already using Cisco Meraki MX, all it takes is two mouse clicks to integrate AMP into your cloud dashboard. That integration allows system administrators to move seamlessly between threat detection and network management.
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