The State of Managed IT in 2022: Strategy and Vision Lead the Way

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For the past 24 months, Managed IT Services has been one of the fastest growing revenue engines of the technology industry, as organization leaders recognized the value of outsourcing their IT services to seasoned experts. Per a survey by the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA), Managed Services in 2021 grew at 20%, year over year, versus 2020. 

This statistic is impressive for such a mature industry. Nevertheless, the growth is not evenly dispersed across all Managed IT firms. Per the TSIA report, the growth of Managed Services in 2021 ranged from -27% to 115%.

Cloud, Professional Services and Managed IT grew the fastest, as shrewd business leaders began emerging from the pandemic and realizing that outsourcing specific IT functions made good business sense.

TSIA noted that there has been a segregation of MSPs into two classes — one with highly customized solutions and a resource-intensive delivery model and another that focuses on a diverse array of standardized offerings with proven delivery models. At Carmichael Consulting Solutions (CCS) we have seen a similar stratification. The model we follow, and that we feel is far more efficient for both the MSP and its clients, is the second one.

The Current State of Managed IT: What You Should Expect

Now that you know where Managed IT is going, let’s discuss what makes a great MSP in 2022. We can summarize this with one statement: The best MSPs become strategic partners of their clients.

As companies and their leaders begin reexamining their priorities and reevaluating what they need to survive — and thrive — in a post-pandemic world, MSPs can be their bulwark. Managed IT providers should be capable of doing far more than simply keeping technology running.

  • MSPs should be able to provide any service that otherwise would require a day-to-day IT administrator to keep the company connected and productive.
  • They should be able to operate in the background to maintain systems and take care of needs ranging from network administration and IT support to security and data backup.
  • Providers should help their clients meet compliance and regulatory standards and operate with a model that recognizes the extreme importance of security, including data management and integrity. The solutions providers offer enable clients to do this in a manner that does not sacrifice productivity, the user experience or customer satisfaction.
  • Those who are truly strategic partners should be trusted advisors and consultants that drive innovation and momentum. Activities at which they should excel include:
    • Helping business leaders and their firms pursue digital transformation  
    • Extending clients’ IT capabilities while strengthening their organization
    • Providing sound advice regarding which “add-on” projects make the most sense— with a preference for those that have a rapid ROI, help employees work more productively, and/or set the stage for future success

These performance expectations are a tall order, but at Carmichael Consulting Solutions, we have spent decades perfecting a model that meets or exceeds. To learn more, or request a complimentary Managed IT consultation, call 678-719-9671 (choose Option 2) or email [email protected].

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