Is Your New Office Up to Speed on Technology?

Technology has become vital to nearly every business operation, so it makes sense for business owners to assume that most office parks and other workplace locations will have adequate connectivity. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. The technological value of an office space can be seriously diminished by many factors—cellular “dead zones” where workers cannot get a signal; slow Internet speeds due to lack of infrastructure at the street; even poorly insulated walls that make planned server rooms too hot to cool efficiently in the summer.
Furthermore, with technology accelerating at a fevered pace, the office space that is adequate today can be outdated quickly. Before site selection, work with an IT expert (either in-house or third-party) to document your current technology footprint—as well as your future plans and strategies—and evaluate all site candidates with that information in mind. Following are some considerations:

  • On-Site Requirements: Is the site suitable for your current IT systems and equipment, as well as any planned upgrades? If you don’t have a coordinated upgrade strategy, a move is the perfect time to develop one and put it into action. Moving and reconfiguring legacy equipment, especially, is largely a waste of resources.
  • Internet Connectivity: Is the building for your new office served by competitive high-speed Internet companies? Are the speeds sufficient for your current and future needs? Are planned infrastructure projects going to improve speeds over time, but be disruptive in the near future? If so, can you deal with them? Don’t assume that high-speed Internet “in the area,” or even in an adjacent building means your office will have it.
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy: Are you relocating all equipment and systems to the new facility, or are you planning to move some functions to the cloud? How about backup and recovery solutions? The use of cloud servers and environments will reduce IT space considerations but will increase the importance of reliable, high-speed Internet connections.
  • Telecommunications Systems: What’s your plan for telephone service? A move is a great time to transition to VoIP (cloud-based telephony) if you haven’t already done so. However, it also reinforced the importance of excellent Internet service. Optionally, do you have a largely mobile workforce, and is fast, reliable cellular service most important?

There are additional factors that vary based upon your business model and future plans. To explore solutions for all the issues that may impact your move, call Carmichael Consulting Solutions at (678) 719-9671.

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