Mobile Complicates IT Security

Mobile flips companies’ technology adoption model on its head when it came to enterprise by way of users, literally coming in the back door of most organizations. Consumers, who champion mobile’s adoption based on their personal experience, rely on its “always on” capabilities. They bring that same expectation to the doorsteps of the enterprise with little understanding of the need to secure their familiar devices.
Corporate IT professionals find themselves, for the first time, behind the curve. From a security standpoint, there are proven ways to protect corporate information via remote connectivity protocols. But, mobile poses a new set of challenges related to an endless number of device/software/carrier combinations. All of which are being upgraded at the speed of light on differing timelines. In addition, mobile-specific security challenges involve lifecycle management issues, such as mobile’s use by temporary, furloughed and terminated employees.
For organizations that rely on mobile, Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms offer assistance in securing this 24/7/365 environment. MDM platforms, which can operate on premise or be cloud-based, segregate corporate data, and secure the corporate documents and emails residing on mobile devices. Using over-the-air technology, MDM platforms manage the enterprise-wide mobile environment, right down to the last corporate-owned or BYO device.

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